a few more short-takes from last night. need to get more quality sleep time. 5-6 hours a night is just not cutting it any more. must be getting old or something...

sitting in a dark restaurant with a group of friends. i think i was talking to alison cause the girl had some bangs and a big smile (peppermint patty2). she was seated right next to me. i turned to her for conversation, but she smiled and turned away from me (while chatting), so i was talking to the back of her head. i remember saying: you should not bid on trips, you know, your too junior (a crew planner preferential bidding advise)...

am now on a beach with alicia. we are walking down the beach talking. that's it. it was more of a slide show, snap shot thingy than a regular video dream. you can't say that i don't think of you, now can you? :)

i think i get these multi-part dreams from the damn snooze alarm. i set 2 alarms for the night. my snooze alarm starts going off about 45 minutes prior to my actually getting up. it rings every 9 minutes or so. at about 7:15 my cell-phone alarm goes off (suppose to be my final wakeup alarm) and i have to get my ass out of bed and walk over to my desk in my haze to turn that off. i usually try to capture a 5-10 minute power nap after that (need those precious minutes). it's my best dream capture period. try it!

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