here's a good one from last night...

it looks like i am stuck along the road somewhere in bangkok, and i'm trying to catch the public train to get to the airport. i see many trains coming only one-way from the airport along the tracks, but i can't seem to find a small train-station that heads for the airport. at one point i walked up the stairs into a mall-like structure to find the train-stop, but it was not there. giving up on the train, i decided to catch the bus instead. there is a sense of urgency here, cause i don't want to miss my flight. i also had a traveling companion who was suppose to meet me at the airport for travel: she looked/felt like rattana but it could've been yasuko too. catching the bus, i finally make it to the airport and hangout in the terminal to wait for the girl. i called her at home and told her to hurry out to the airport and join me cause our flights are about to leave (we were traveling on different flights). she was a bit hesitant about the travel and joining me, but eventually agreed. she said that she was getting worried too waiting for my call. as time was of the essence, i told her to catch a cab and meet me at the airport check-in counter (i think that she was flying on thai airways). i needed to check in elsewhere, but was worried about the girl. there is not much time. i sit down at a small class-room like desk and start filling out my paperwork for the trip. now it seems that i have mis-placed my own ticket! i frantically scurry about looking for my tickets through my pockets and bags. i feel that there is not enough time... at one point i knocked over a few things off my desk and a nice attractive woman sitting in the desk behind me comes over to help me out. i give her a nervous thank you smile. there is not much time... i finally find the tickets! i need to get up, but i had taken off my shoes. there were 2 pairs next to my desk: a pair of black leather loafers and a pair of black leather boots. i put on a pair. am not sure which one. i am in a rush. i worry about the girl. i worry about my flight. there is not enough time... did i make the flight? did she meet me for the trip? i wonder~ WAKE.

good details on this one. real vivid...

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