here's another long dream from the previous night:

i was having lunch with 4 ladies in a makai market place like setting area but it was supposedly in bangkok. i was sitting with my aunt, an older chinese lady, chisato and another young girl. as we were lunching, an evil couple sat down near us and was causing trouble. the guy was huge, like a pro-wrestler or something and the girl was fairly hot, but definitely evil. they were causing trouble and were trying to get me to beef with them. i was getting pretty pissed off, so i decided to step out a bit to cool off. as i came back in, i punched the swinging glass doors as i entered to continue my lunch, but the evil troublemakers were gone. as i sat down, i noticed that chisato and the other girl was gone too! i got worried. my heart was beating. but my aunt re-assured me that they had just gone to the bathroom and will be coming right back. at this point she gave me some of her strange yellow drink. it was bright yellow and gritty, but fairly sweet. i asked her: what kind of drink is this?: she responds: oh, it's called "taliew?" or "saliew?" or something... the old lady also take a sip. as i looked up, chisato and the other girl came back, and everything was ok. WAKE.

interesting... i am making up my own drink names in these dreams...

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