here is a classic from rose's march 11, 2003 dream. in her own words:

Alison, Eileen and I all went to go see Billy Ocean in concert. We get to the concert, and Alison and Ei take off without me, probably to go rush the stage, or pick up guys. Either way, they left me by myself to watch the concert. Thanks, girls.

Turns out that Billy Ocean had an opening act; Chef Eric in a sateen type, skin-hugging, shiny, white pair of hot pants, gyrating and displaying pelvic thrusts of the Ricky Martin nature. The fans were going wild, screaming, rushing the stage and dancing to a mysterious pop song that I can't seem to recall. Chef was really working the crowd, and I kept thinking, "I know this guy, and man, those pants are tight!"

After the concert, we ended up at someone's house. I draw a blank during this segment of the dream, but when it was time to leave, I was standing in the doorway trying to find my black shoes. There were hundreds of pairs of black shoes, ALL black, and I couldn't seem to find mine! In fact, I think I recall finding a pair that looked like mine, but they were two left shoes! Eventually, I found a pair of shoes that probably weren't mine, but I claimed them as my own anyway. I never did put the shoes on.... WAKE

thanks, rose.

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