here's a strange 2 part drama dream from a couple of nights ago:

had moved into this old grungy apartment somewhere with a stranger for a roommate. i was sleeping there in bed, minding my own business when someone was knocking on the outside door. i went to check and saw a couple of kids asking for the roommate guy. i opened the door and found a whole bunch of big punks rushed in and charged the roommates room. they were some sort of bail bond hunters/vigilante like "dog" after this criminal guy. a couple of the kids went into my room and started messing with my stuff and i got wary, but the big guy came back into the room and explained that everything was ok now cause they were the good guys...

i get a call from allan saying that he was going to the club with a few girls and wanted me to join. i agreed, but shut my eyes for a bit of rest and completely crashed out. i woke up really late and got ready and ran out to the meeting spot at this picnic table on the hill. allan drives by with alicia and a few other girls in the car. he steps out and asks what happened. i said that i had a rough night because of the disturbances earlier. he said the club was pretty good and gives me an omiyage bag from the club, and starts to drive off. i was sad that i missed it. i started walking back home, but could not find my phone. i rush to the table, but phone my phone in the omiyage bag all along... WAKE.

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