i had this dream a week ago.
i had to debate on writing it down~ it's pretty graphic
(be warned)

am hanging out in a living room on black leather sofas with ST and a naked, drunk, sleeping M. for some reason ST suggests that we have sex with sleeping M. she is groggy but kinda aware. he decides to go first. i sit there and watch him. he finishes and asks me to go, but i was a bit disgusted already and decline.

scene changes. i later find M in another living room area now awake but still naked. we start to talk about things. i was kinda disappointed with her. during the chat, for some reason i reach down and touch her between her legs and find ST's cum dripping into my hand. i was kinda grossed out and worried. i rushed to the sink to wash my hands. ST was there. i said, "how could you shoot in her man? that's dangerous." he says, "don't worry~ i haven't made a girl pregnant in 10 years, man." i was pretty sad and grossed out.

i went back and chat with M. she tried to change the topic and tells me that she went couch shopping earlier today. i pointed to the green one and said, did you get that green one? she says no, i go the other one... WAKE.

strange, twisted, dream.
strange, twisted, mind.

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