i spent this whole damn week in a breakup and workover-load mode, but all i'm trying to stress about this time is should i get the ipod mini or ipod 20gig. its been hard. i've been in deep thought. i could not eat (much). i could not sleep (well). i've had countless talks with many friends and uncaring strangers about the ipods. i've visited 3 stores and many online vendors. i've read tons of reviews and user comments. and yes. it's sad.

i'm sad.

i know that. what the hell am i doing? did i fuck up? bad? i don't know. but at this point. i at least know that i will get the 20gig due to the batt life and extra memory value. but now, i don;t know if i even want to buy it. i desire it. it takes my mind off things. but maybe i don't need it now. i am gonna be strong enough? i'm not sure. time will tell.

i'm waiting for next distraction...

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