i've been online all my waking hours this past week, and i am totally exhausted...

i have 2 computers at work (work comp and my personal laptop) online 11 hours a day, i'm online at coffee shops (2-3 hours) and i'm logged in via cell-phone modem at home from the time i get back to the time that i sleep at (2am plus). i'm behind in my work, i can't focus with little sleep, i'm missing my gym days, i don't eat, and my old cold is creeping it's way back into this tired body and weary soul.

so this weekend, i resolve to unplug for some renewal.
unwind on a beautiful hawaiian beach and listen to the waves crash into the sand shores. please join me out there. i'll be the one reading the murakami book in the navy swim trunks.
have a great aloha weekend! :)

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