the where are you dreams

here's a couple of old dreams from december.
i am still trying to catch up~

december 28: dream 1
am making love with MT in a darkly lit room. i undress her and lay her down on the edge of the bed. she looks at me with big eyes. i smell her perfume. i miss that scent. where are you? WAKE.

december 29: dream 2
a wild serial killer is hunting us kids down for torture. we are running around in some old apartment building or mall or something. trying to get away, but we are eventually caught. we are horded together and lead single file, walking on top of this short wall. should i try to escape?

december 30: dream 3
am on the train/subway with nobuo riding around the city. he was showing me around tokyo/bangkok. but i end up in a hotel lobby later waiting for another girl to take me around. i wait and wait and get nervous. she never comes. where are you? WAKE.

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