HIFF girl deja vu

ok, so it's thursday night and i'm back in coffeetalk hanging with RO. in steps this girl that looks exactly like the HIFF volunteer from last fall's hawaii international film festival. deja vu. i had a big crush on her. we had a few chats while i picked up many many tickets. i think i picked up many many tickets to have a few chats. she remembered me cause i had written down the wrong lastname for a girl friend's application (wrote down my ex's last name on the app). she says that she was a film student from the east coast, and was here for an internship. i tried and tried, but i couldn't get myself to ask her out for dinner. she was really warm and friendly. a beautiful girl. i promised myself that if i catch her at my last film (it was "riding giants" a surfing documentary), i would ask her out. so at the last screening, i was all nerves. we got to the theater and i saw her at the counter. she gave me a big wave, but my mind went blank. i managed a smile and walked inside the theater. my friends tried to encourage me to go back out before the film. i walked out and turned around. i couldn't do it. too many butterflies in my stomach. i told myself: if she was out there at the end of the film, i'll ask her. but the film ended, and she was gone :(

what was her name, i can't seem to remember~ there she goes: walking out the door (as i'm typing this line). damn!

ok. maybe i can't do everything. but i promise to try harder next time...

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