a brief history of airplane seats

getting there is half the fun. this is especially true when your non-reving on another airline during the busy season. it was quite an adventure full of pleasure and pain. 11 hours of traveling each way getting cozy in that airplane seat. so here's a brief history of my airplane seats this past trip:

1st flight: honolulu-los angeles
departure time: 3:30pm
seat: 12A (a window seat aircraft left)
sat next to: a tall well-dressed black business man with shaved head. talked through the flight.
conversation: your reading what? tuesdays with morrie? morrie who? morrie povich?
stress level: low (though the guy hogged the arm rest all through the flight)

2nd flight: los angeles-miami
departure time: 11:25pm
seat: 11F (the 757 has 2 rows of "E-seats" hidden as seats B and F. E-seat = hell seat)
sat next to: coworkers. in the rush and confusion, my good boss sacrifices his aisle seat and sits in my middle seat. a tear rolls down my cheek.
conversation: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.........
stress level: medium (sinuses act up / drink carts attacking seat)

3rd flight: miami-los angeles
departure time: 8:00am
seat: 38E (aka hell seat)
sat: in between a strange middle-age caucasion lady and a tall well-dressed hispanic man with shaved-head.
conversation: suffereing too much to chat. slept in agony.
stress level: high (hungover, upset stomach, no arm rests, neck pains, body cramps)

4th flight: los angeles-honolulu
departure time: 12:45pm
seat: 3A (first class, at last! heaven seat next to the window aircraft left!)
sat next to: tall well-dressed caucasion man with shaved-head who was a tour manager from the country music industry in nashville that was married to one of the flight attendants working on the flight and was visiting waikiki for only one day though he lived in the mountains at lake arrowhead. he also talked all through the flight to everyone and anyone including myself.
conversation: everything under the sun.
stress level: low (despite the non-stop friendly talker, life is good)

happy travels! :)

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At 10:11 PM, Blogger letti said...

airplane seats were made for either very tall or very short people, i would think. Average people like me would end up bumping their head at the "protruding bulky" part of the top of the seat ( is that a neck rest, by the way? ) and i have no way to rest my aforementioned neck. *sigh*

AND i happened to sit next to a kid who spilt his whole cup of coke onto my lap/pants/seat on one of my 24 hour trips..*sigh*

At 6:37 AM, Blogger kathy said...

Being on a plane is not pleasant for me...i'm scared, scared of crashing, i know its silly, but it's one of my phobias, elavateres too. Hey thanks for visiting me! my computer crashed, i was having extreme computer problems...and i messed up my blog big time! lost all my quotes and posts. somehow i managed to keep my old address and I'm glad about that.
Have a Great Sunday! stop by again...love having you visit me.

At 8:50 AM, Blogger dreaming-neko said...

letti: you must have been sitting in one of those e-seats! :)

katt: i like the new format. it matches the inspiring quotes. and i like having you you drop by too! so don't be a stranger... :)


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