egg-coloring 101

i went home to my first egg-coloring party (in 29 years of life) yesterday. it was surprisingly a very warm and fun experience (getting into the Easter spirits). first you boil your eggs and let them cool down: we had 18 to start. we ended up with only 11 boiled eggs left with uncracked shells. next you add water to the egg-coloring kit's dyes. let's see: we had pink, orange, yellow, blue, purple and green. add the magic crayon and stickers. use a little imagination and alot of heart... and voila! your very own colored eggs. i colored 3 eggs that night: a CY-egg, a sun-egg, and a dream-egg. AM made the rudy-egg and the ann-egg. the ladies made the rest. my heart almost exploded from eating all those cracked-eggs and all the colors last night. it was a great feeling :)

bye bye grumpy-neko week~
for more pics click: here!

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At 3:33 PM, Blogger Pickle said...

Happy Easter Neko

The egg painting looked so much fun. I haven't done that for years.

Also quick question, how can I put a jukebox on my blog?


At 8:12 AM, Blogger dreaming-neko said...

i left some pointers on your blog :)
did you get them?


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