a martini love story

i had met an interesting couple the night before (my hangover). we met some friend's friends at ryan's bar and grill for some drinks. i was really impressed with this happy young couple (married 2 years). the guy was a 28 year old restaurant manager in neiman marcus (no not mariposa) and the girl was a 28 year old hostess at another restaurant at ward. he was the mellow zen master who does wing chun kung fu and she was the fun high energy care-free party girl (the life of the party). a great monkey and tree combo. having flunked a few good chances at commitment, myself (especially this past winter), i ask the man: how did he know that she was "the one?" and this was his love story:

you know... sometimes, you just know. we got engaged after 3 weeks of going out. it was kinda early and we were both pretty intoxicated at the time, but i knew that i had to do it. i took out the ring and popped the question. and she said yes (in her drunken state). but it was a rocky 2 years. so i decided to have a second engagement in maui. i was determined to make it perfect. i kept it a total surprise. i woke her up at 3:30 in the morning and drove us up to the top of haleakala. driving through the thick clouds at 5,000ft i thought the weather was going to ruin it. but past 6,000 everything cleared up and it was just so beautiful. clear skies all around. there was no a soul at the summit! we had it all to ourselves. wrapped-up in 3 layers of sweaters in the cold, i opened the wine bottle and woke her. she was not a happy camper at 4:00am. but i took out the second ring and proposed to her again: on top of the world, under the stars, just the two of us. she was very surprised and happy. we stayed there for the sunrise. she wears the two engagement rings on both hands now (and always with a smile).

a touching love story told over two ketel-one martini's on the rocks (with olives). but the question still remains: how will i know? how will you know? how will we know? ahhh... questions... questions...

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