the house wants me out...

i moved into my friends condo last november. moving to waikele is quite a departure from town-life. my roommate is a good christian man and his place is clean and pure... until i got there. the man is more than accommodating, but for some reason i get this nagging feeling that the condo just wants me out! first there was that mysterous glowing green orb light in my room. when i close the curtains and the door, it gets really really dark. but on the first few nights this green light was just floating there on the ceiling staring at me. it made for a few nights of uncomfortable sleep. try as i might, i could not locate the source of this light. it just drove me crazy. eventually i found out that the light actually came from my laptop power adapter, and my imagination had gotten the better of me here. so nothing to it.

next came the plague of insects. we live on the ground floor of a 2 story townhouse unit. a small unruly yard sits outside my window. one uneventful rainy morning, i close my window to find that a colony of carpenter ants have made a home of the window sill there! as i slid the window close, a storm of ants started to covered the wall! these guys aren't little either: they were about a centimeter big. so an army 0f 50-100 ants started invading the bedroom wall. thinking fast, i rush to grab my trusty abercrombie slippers to defend my home. it was a war zone with hundreds of dead ants on my carpet. i took them out as fast as i could. no bites today my friends. i plugged up the window sill holes and grabbed the trusty vacuum and cleaned up the mess. a battle won~

finally, a week ago i got home and entered my dark room. flicking on the light i happen to find a 2 inch scorpion on my floor! i've never seen a scorpion in hawaii before, less one this big. maybe he is coming here for revenge for my last pet scorpion in saudi arabia? in any case, there it was sitting there staring at me. being too tired and not really wanting to deal with it now: i grabbed my friend's huge red asp computer book and covered the monster. i stomped on the book a few times and peeked under. the sucker was still alive and crawled out. darn carpet! i slammed the book on the critter again and decided to leave it there... for the next 3 days. we just removed the book today and the scorpion has been flattened paper thin. my friend was pretty impressed with the scorpions size. sign number 3. if the locusts start visiting, i might have to move out this time... (or grab my slippers again: ready for war :)

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