car tunes

forget the ipod! i got a mp3 player: my car! i get 180 watts of music from the 6-speaker sound system loaded with the stock 6-disc cd changer. it's not 10,000 songs, but hey~ i don't plan to drive that far! it's also funny that ever since i got my laptop last summer, i have not listened to the radio at all. i just head down to tower/borders to discover new artists/cds at the listening stations. today i happily re-loaded my entire deck with 6 new rocking albums. let's drive, baby :)

lifehouse - lifehouse
beck - guero
bright eyes - digital ash for a digital urn
moby - hotel
snow patrol - final straw
brand new - deja entendu

what tunes do you listen to on your drive? any new artists/albums?

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