progress or a mis-calculation?

i got a new bodyfat test at the gym today. my last test was on march 13th. at the last test i was 163 lbs with 21.5% body fat. today i was:

weight: 166.5 lbs
body fat: 16.5%

success! progress! or was it just a mistake? a mis-calculation? i had a different trainer measure me today. he did the usual 4-site pinch and used the same charts, but the numbers varied by 5% in just one month! on the plus side, we did work out harder this past month with 3-4 gym days a week. the diet is alittle more balanced with greens and we had only a few drinking nights. but it could be just a different pinch by a different trainer. should i get another test tomorrow morning? or just accept the new results? i think i'll take the 16.5%. looking forward to a sexy summer~ update in one month! :)

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