new new year's resolutions

is it too late for some new new year's resolutions?

i hope not. i already broke my previous resolutions in the first week of january (i was on the evening news telling people that i broke: come to work early and save money resolutions). i'd like a do-over for the goals. let's try some new resolutions starting mid-april! a fresh start for a fresh spring~ you see, it was hard for me to get excited about 2005 given that my chinese horoscope already predicted a tough year ahead for work and romance. january and early february was promising, but when the official chinese new year went into effect: the fortune-tellers were right. i'm stuck. headache at work and no romance. so what to do, what to do?

my new resolution for 2005 will look like this:
1. travel (like there's no tomorrow)

i know that it's a short list, but what the heck: it's a slow year and i need some new distractions. i want to maximize my airline flight benefits this year and travel just for the sake of traveling. i want to wake up in a different timezone and drink coffee in a different city. 2005 will be the year of travel. 2004 was a pretty good year with san diego, kauai, san francisco, dallas, and tokyo. but 2005 will be better~ so far this year, i did maui in february and miami in march. i have sydney planned for april, san francisco planned for may, dallas planned for august, and bangkok planned for november. plus a big island visit in the fall with that comp-room at the mauna lani. i'd also really like to visit europe again, but i have no coffee partners there * sigh * :(

what would your new new year's resolutions be for 2005?

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