mochi ice cream and stone washing

i met up with an old friend (AH) for some late night bubbies last night. it's hard to say 'no' to mochi ice cream and coffee: even at 10:30pm. we haven't met in almost a year and i was surprised that we still clicked like old times. we had green tea, sakura and passion mochi's while making plans for indigo jazz, the nara yoshimoto art exhibit at the contemporary museum, and a maui trip in may (yes, another one). we had to squeeze in a lot of stuff cause she is leaving in june :(

after the coffee, she asked me to take her to the beach because it was a full moon and she needed to wash her magic stones under the moonlight for good luck. i got kinda excited. stone washing under the romantic full moon? sounds good to me~ but when we got to the hilton beach to my surprise, she proceeded to the shore to washed her magic stones. 'may i help?' i offered. she declined saying that it would rob her of the good luck. after the stones were washed, i persuaded her to sit on the beach with me and watch the silver clouds glow under the moonbeams. it was quite an interesting night...

on a side note: i should've brought some stones for washing too, cause i scratched my front wheel rim on the curb while parking along the street in my haste. oh well~ until the next full moon :)

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