a neko bookshelf tour

welcome to the neko bookshelf tour! on the first shelf we'll find the heavy reading: history of the farside, japanese language text-books, the arnold schwarzenegger encyclopedia of body-building, a bunch of frommer's travel guides, my fiance and marriage visa book, and a bunch of computer books. on the second shelf we'll find the light reading: some stephen covey, some dalai lama, the bible, robert frost, haruki murakami, gabriel garcia marquez, louis de bernieres, alain de botton, shel silverstein, and other novels. on the middle shelf i have a small candle/incense garden with my CY photo album and hug-bears. on the top shelf we'll find the 100+ dvds and the 2 kitties. i had sooo much more books, but had to sacrifice alot of stuff everytime i move. it's hard slimming down to essentials~

some highlights of the tour include:
-the toy monkey from the ' windup toy shop' on melrose ave
-the 2 kitties from CY from tokyo
-the metal candleholder from SH from prague
-the YK starbucks 'break-up mug' from bangkok

i love the little things in life. everything's got a story... what's on your bookshelf?

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At 8:37 PM, Blogger kathy said...

I liked the tour! and i enjoyed seeing the stuffed little creatures too! on my book shelf...let me see (I'm looking at it now)my books of course and sitting on the shelf beside my books i have a green Jade Buddha a picture of my daughter dancing at a wedding. and a green basket full of letters (from family & friends)and stickers that i stick all over my envelopes. and on my second shelf of books, i have some CD's sticking out (i need to find a decent place to store them) and my reading glasses and some bubble gum! LOL

At 10:36 PM, Blogger atomicvelvetsigh said...

recieved pics of bookshelves from an intellectual individual*.* recently... and now this.. oh im getting jealous of those damn digi cams. wanna take a pics of mine too!

and when i have them then id tell whats on it! hehe...


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