happy birthday EN!

happy birthday EN (april 8)! there are ladies that shop and party; and then there are ladies that shop and party like EN. a true club trooper, and the sweetest, coolest gal. we went to celebrate her birthday last night at feng shui ultralounge at the hyatt hotel in waikiki. the poor girl out-did herself with 8 shots and got sick, but she had a great time nonetheless. i spent much of the night trying to get all my peeps together, and the rest of the evening was dancing, dancing, dancing. we danced like there was no tomorrow. it was good to let go~ i think we were out on the floor for about 13 songs. ST had to come get us as everyone was leaving at 1:30. sing like there's no one watching and dance like there's no tomorrow! her birthday celebrations started on friday at work, and will continue to tuesday at oceans... (will update)

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