weekend update

well, it's 9:14pm sunday, i'm back in my blogging seat at coffeetalk. it's a pretty busy tonight. another weekend done. here's an update of the previous weekend plans.

friday pm: starbucks with LW - check, gym with KO - check, chat with CY- check
saturday am: gym with ST- check, tree trimming (and watching 3 hrs of UFC) with ST - check, starbucks with SG - no time
saturday pm: feng shui lounge birthday party with the entire crew - check
sunday am: starbucks with KN - changed plans to gym with AM, beach with KN - changed plans to starbucks with AM
sunday pm: chat with RO? - no time, coffeetalk - check

i can't believe i missed a coffee this week! i'm off my game :( just goes to show that not all things will go as planned, but hey: life is good~

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