i couldn't resist

i couldn't resist... i added the video jukebox in the sidebar after much temptation (from fallin'... and all@sea). now you HAVE to listen to my music upon pageload (or pause it at your pleasure). still trying to figure out how to stop that autorun operation upon page load... in any case, it's easy to install and there's lots of good music available. check them out at: musicvideocodes.com

should i keep the jukebox or the video jukebox? or do you like them both? no music, no life...

i'm starting to like this video jukebox thingy. i found the code for video controls, no autoplay and no looping (it works better in IE, though). now YOU have the power of control! have fun :)

Showcontrols="1" Autoplay="false" loop="false"

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