i've got 'can't-go-out-alone-itis'

i've got 'can't-go-out-alone-itis' and it's making me a hermit. when everyone is busy, i get this affliction. i've ran out of coffee partners. this condition is especially bad on a good weather weekend cause it leaves me bitter. the only 3 places that i may attempt to head out alone on a weekend include: after-hours office, coffeetalk, and the gym. i haven't had a good beach day for over 2 months now and i live on an island (the last good beach day was on maui in february!). i've only coffeed at starbucks ward (my old homebase) twice this year since RO left. * sigh * i need to get out more...

have you ever caught 'can't-go-out-alone-itis?' what's the cure?
p.s. how do you like the linus-hermit tarot card?

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