of moochers and flakers part 2:
i heart suffering

yes, it's true: i heart suffering and i like to learn the hard way. against my better judgement and the warning of many, many people, i went to maui with 2 'friends' on sunday. the trip took a turn for the worst after haleakala. i don't really remember the last time someone made me feel that bad. i'm sorry to spoil the trip NT, but there's only so much that one can take (and i can take alot of shit). so monday morning, i left the 2 girls in maui and flew home alone relieved (but exhausted). i spent the rest of monday bitching to about 15 different people (i was quite traumatized). i think i got it out of my system now, though. it is better to be alone than to spend time with a bad person. lesson learned? who knows...

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