a love post for KT

ok. this one is quite interesting. i've been given the task of writing a love post for shy, confused KT. she wants me to write about her secret feelings for her music teacher in tokyo... oh well, here goes...

KT pondering:
i can't find the words... i don't know how to say it... stuck in a passionate love with no beginning. is it all in my head? my heart skips a beat when i see him. it sighs and sinks. i can't get these butterflies out of my stomach~ they flutter up my chest and fill me with anxiety. why does't he notice me? we hardly know each other. we meet once a week. its been a few months now. why aren't we together? in emails and calls i look for the right words. they never seem to come to me. they hide behind my insecurities and ignore my emotions. what should i do? what can i say?

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