weekend summary

hey, it's sunday already! where does the weekend go? let's see... here's my recap.

-friday day: work
-friday noon: looong lunch (oxtail soup)
-friday night: meet the boys (SG, RD) at mai tai. bump into LW with his new posse. mai tai's was filming for hot hawaiian nights with the kaala boys, so it was super packed.
-friday night: moved to cal beach for some sushi and drinks. started with some oyster shooters and made some new friends. hi jodi! :)
-friday night: moved to high tide sports bar (puck's alley) for some pool and more drinks (am buzzing at this point). lost both pool games...
-friday night: went to waikiki starbucks for some late night beach coffee and deep talks. it was a beautiful night.

-saturday morning: hangover-central. wake up for tylenol and wish AM happy birthday.
-saturday morning: sobered up and went to gym with ST and KO.
-saturday noon: lunch at chilli's (mmm... country-fried steak extra gravy)
-saturday afternoon: walk around waikele and a god of war session
-saturday night: dinner with dad
-saturday night: aimless wandering around borders (got 2 books)
-saturday late night: cy chat

-sunday morning: book reading (amazing)
-sunday noon: lunch with dad at cpk. walked around barnes and nobles together.
-sunday afternoon: drop by ST's to pick up gym shoes
-sunday afternoon: blogging at coffeetalk (a slow crowd today...)

there's still so much to do... drop by the office, laundry, more reading... am not quite ready for a busy monday yet :( how was your weekend?

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