eating-neko: okonomiyaki kai

i finally went to okonomiyaki kai for my birthday a few weeks ago, and just received the pics today (thanks, AM!). located behind walmart near ala moana, the little restaurant was definitely a great place for a fun, mellow gathering. the decor was all class and the service here was second to none. we ordered: celery tsukemono, mayonnaise shrimp, spinach salad, hiroshima style soba okonomi, and pork/kim chee okonomi, steak, tako-yaki, sake, and more (yes, it was a lot of food~ even for 6 people). we stayed for a fun 3 1/2 hours with all the drinks. it was a special night: thanks folks! kai is definitely a great stop for some unique food, great atmosphere and top quality service. bon appetite~

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