2005 pan-pacific festival parade

i was able to tear myself away from coffeetalk by 5pm and fight the crazy road-block traffic to attend the 2005 pan-pacific festival parade in waikiki. there are tons of parades in waikiki throughout the year, but this is by far my favorite one. this parade showcases the diverse pacific rim arts and culture with high-energy performances and unique floats. i still remember walking home along kalakaua ave during one of the bigger festivals many years ago: there were enormous glowing lantern floats, loud taiko drums, and many high-spirited performers everywhere. i thought my heart was going to explode from this rush of energy and emotions. this year's show was quite a bit smaller, so i was a bit disappointed. but overall, it was still a fun little parade: starting with miss cherry blossom and ending with the giant red dragon. banzai~

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