fix the bike dreamer dream

i dreamed that i am stuck at a dark bus stop somewhere with a broken bike. i need to fix the bike and ride back home before the bad-thing catches up with me. i can feel it coming closer. i just attended a dream seminar in a small cabin in the woods. the lecturer was teaching us about the mystery of dreams there. but here i am now stuck in the middle of nowhere trying to fix my bike in the dark racing against time to get away from the bad-thing that's coming. while busy looking for the missing seat, a stranger taps my shoulder and startles me half to death. "what are you doing here?" he asks. i told the man that i was trying to fix my bike and get home. he doesn't seem to believe me. he sees my dream seminar stuff on the bike and asks more questions. i don't have much time. i don't think we'll make it. WAKE.

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