spending addict

taking jumble's previous shopping cue, i went on a spending binge myself this past week (right after paying-off $10,000 on my cards and receiving my bonus pay, sadly). i am a creature of habit (all bad ones). this is the damage:

-sprint: sanyo mm 8300 cell phone upgrade ($149 with instant rebate)
-banana republic outlet: 4 premium dress shirts (all half-off at $35), 1 pair of grey wool slacks ($39 on sale)
-polo outlet: 2 interlock polo shirts (2 for $39 each)
-hollister: 1 t-shirt ($12.99 on sale), 1 pair of brown flipflops ($19.99)
-tower records: 2 dvds (chronicles of riddick $19, pridefc fights $29), 3 cds (aqualung $15, chemical brothers $18, daddy yankee $15)
-gamestop: 1 ps2 game (katamari damacy $19)
-borders bookstore: 2 books (the paradox of choice $15, the substance of style $14)
-oceans club drinking night: $60

this should keep me fixed for a while. gotta stop buying crap~

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