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eh?!! (i feel like the cat)

i've been laying low from kickboxing classes this past month to let my left ankle heal a bit. in the healing process, i started lifting more and managed to injure my left elbow at the gym (benched 245 twice!). so now i have a bum elbow and sore ankle (damn, i'm getting old). to kill the time, it seems that i have picked up yet another hobby: drinking out. i seem to be pretty good at this hobby. it's low-impact but can get pretty expensive.

* sigh * i need a new distraction

maybe i should just listen to my mom and pick up a part-time job somewhere... in addition to my airline career, credit union volunteer, coffee, blogging, gym, travel, and drinking. i actually consider blogging my part-time job here (zero pay, great benefits), but a couple days at borders bookstore wouldn't be that bad too.... we'll see...

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