a matter of chores

while i sit here (with my stinky hands) waiting for the laundry to dry, a question popped into my head. what household chore do you most detest? is it: laundry, dishes, cleaning the bedroom, raking the yard, cleaning the bathroom, vacuuming the rugs, etc, etc?

being the great procrastinator here, i must say that i am torn between two hates: cleaning the bathroom and washing dishes. i've gotten much better now, mind you (a courtesy to AM), but there was a time when things were pretty bad. being a bachelor, i seem to have a very high tolerence to dirt and grime: epecially in the sink and the bathtub.they use to compete with eachother for the most neglect. dark mildew/soapscum tub vs. stuff growing in unwashed dishes. the tub usually wins cause i will eventually run out of eating utensils, but it's a close race. the re-hab process is slow but encouraging...

true honesty/openness are overrated... now that i've grossed you out: what chore do you most dislike? :)

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