and i drove

in the old days, i used to just walk the ala wai canal or kapiolani park. it cleared my head and calmed my heart a bit. it kept me moving. but tonight i drove. cause men think better on moving wheels. or maybe they just don't think at all when driving. driving to nowhere and everywhere at the same time. where does this road go? the streets are so different here at night. especially under this moon-less sky. i make my way to town, through hawaii kai, up to kaneohe, turn on the pali, back through chinatown, pass pearl city, and back to waikele. it's 2:18 now. my only regret: too bad i can't drink alone. there's not one damn soul on this island that i can call in this unGodly-hour for a late night drink. * sigh * i drive back home to more: nothing. no mail, no response. just questions and questions. my imagination is too vivid. darn this monkey mind.

goodnight, love.

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