nocturnal activities

i like to sleep in really dark rooms. you know, like the hotel experience with extra thick curtains. if you open your eyes in the dark, it feels like you have stepped into a dream. the boundaries of self and space disappears and you become one with the room, body-less. if you had a partner with you, you'd be fumbling for that peck on the lips (and might hit a nose or something). in any case, my room is fairly dark here in waikele. the moon and stars dare not shine through my thin curtains in the night. no street lights in the back yard. the only thing that shines in my little room are all these darn green power adapter lights! they glow like fireflies. one for lana (the treo). one for lulu (the notebook). one for the tv's surge protector (tv's look kinda menacing lit green from behind - think 'the ring'). one for the digital camera battery charger (orange charging, green when full). they cast a ghostly glow upon the ceiling and my dark room becomes possessed with green spirits. i can't sleep. it's 4:30am in the morning and your insomnia is infectious.

on a random note from a previous conversation, LC calls sex: 'nocturnal activities.' what term do you use? :)

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