it was like this...

i was tagged by sweet, busy consuela a gazillion weeks ago (this is the live-love-dream edition of the 'what were you like' tag). sorry, babe~

20 years ago (1986 - age 11):
-i lived in bangkok after 5 years in saudi arabia
-i loved my snoopy and had a crush on jitdee
-i dreamed about growing up

15 years ago (1991 - age 16):
-i lived in concord, massachussetts at a preppy boarding school
-i loved coffee for the first time and had a crush on albertina cisneros
-i dreamed about finding myself in this place

10 years ago (1996 - age 21):
-i lived in honolulu attending the university of hawaii
-i loved KT (after SH) and moved-in with her
-i dreamed about partying and good times

5 years ago (2001 - age 26):
-i lived in waikiki and moved to the crew planning dept at work
-i loved the lost YK, and first met CY in the fall at a starbucks
-i was dreaming of a what could have been

3 years ago (2003 - age 28):
-i lived in an ala moana studio waiting for CY's visit
-i loved CY like crazy (before MT summer)
-i dreamed of dreaming-neko

last year (2005 - age 30):
-i lived in waikele, took 8 trips and turned 3-0! * gasp *
-i loved CY still, and we met up in jan/dec after the tokyo breakup
-i dreamed of a new coffee/travel partner

this year (2006 - age 31):
-i live in waikele still, and took 5 trips (as of june)
-i love heartaches and lost CY completely on valentine's day
-i dream about change

yesterday (june 29, 2006):
-i lived for planning my toronto trip in july
-i loved organic apple-juice
-i dreamed about CY again

last night (june 29, 2006):
-i lived for some home-cooked pasta
-i loved sleeping way past my bedtime
-i dreamed of something but forgot to write it down

today (june 30, 2006):
-i live for the weekend tomorrow
-i love coffee breaks
-i dream about buying something new

tomorrow (july 1, 2006):
-i'll live for a 30,000-mile mantanence for my honda
-i'll love gym and starbucks while waiting
-i'll dream about a more exciting/less serious post

next year (2007 - age 32):
-i'll live to clear my debts
-i'll love waiting for 'the one'
-i'll dream of owning a condo with a cat

5-10 years from now (2011-2016 - age 36-41):
-i'll live as a good, successful, fun neko
-i'll love you daily, love
-i'll dream of growing up

thanks for reading another long one! this tag is also open to anyone who wants it~ good luck.

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