golden-week: night 1 recap

the spot: osake sushi bar and lounge.
event: ML's birthday party
date/time: last saturday (6/24/06) @ 9pm-2am

drink of the night: stoli on the rocks, olives
number of drinks: 5
drinking bill: $58

the team: KO, hugh, paul
wing-man: the spectacular KO

crowd: lots of 21-somethings, some 30+
stepup: busty girl at the bar (smile but no name)
other meetings: ML, MF, DE, christy
networking: gave out 3 cards, received one
quotable: 'that doesn't count as a stepup...'

after drinking grinds: zippy's (breakfast plus small saimen)
morning after: no sleep, major hangover, slug day

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