four times three

i received this four-post tag from three sweet bloggers: tin-tin, janet and tamara. let's get to it~

four jobs i have had in my life:
-japanese restaurant waiter/cook
-photographer/fashion retail/jazz dancer
-tour guide/english tutor/printing press helper
-airline: staff assistant/resolution coordinator/crew planner
(ok, thats more than four)

four movies i could watch over and over:
-conan the barbarian
-young frankstein
-big trouble in little china
(old school stuff)

four places i have lived:
-bangkok, thailand
-dhaharan, saudi arabia
-concord, massachussetts
-honolulu, hawaii
(for now...)

four TV shows i love/loved to watch:
-dirty jobs
(a discovery channel freek)

four places i have been on vacation:
-sydney, australia
-rome, italy
-london, england
-tokyo, japan
(check out my 43places link)

four websites i look at daily:
-my blog links
(who needs the news anyway?)

four of my favorite foods
(is coffee a food?)

four jobs i would really stink at:
-trash collector
-sewer inspector
-durian farmer
-patis maker
(get it?)

four pretend monikers i’ll NEVER live up to:
(sniff, sniff)

four movies i will NEVER watch again, ever:
-most chick flicks
-most chick flicks
-most chick flicks
-most chick flicks
(unless she forces me to)

four places that i would NEVER live in:
-in a treehouse
-on the moon
-under water
-in a cave
(but never say never)

four things i HATE to do on my weekends:
-be hung-over
-have nothing to do
-have no place to go
(i like busy weekends)

four TV shows i used to geek out to:
(see above)

four liquor brands I’ve tried and enjoyed:
-grey goose vodka
-stolichnaya gold vodka
-kettle one vodka
-otokoyama sake
(on the list for golden-week)

four things i CAN live without:
-snooty people
(but mostly roaches too)

four of my favorite cholesterol laden foods:
-anything deep-fried
-haagen-dazs ice-cream
-thin-crust pizza
-nacho-cheese doritos

four places i would rather be in right NOW:
-somewhere making-love
-at a coffeeshop with a good coffee-partner
-on a trip with a good travel-partner
-by your side

boy, that took a while! happy? this tag is open to anyone who wants it. cheers ~

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