a keane life

in the fall of 2004, my life soundtrack was keane: hopes and fears. i was going through a messy breakup at the time (she stormed-out with all the damn tupperware one night).

-we brokeup with 'we might as well be strangers'
-i missed her with 'somewhere only we know'
-we had a brief chance re-union with 'this is the last time'
-i loathed in self-pity with 'she has no time'
-we got back together with 'sunshine' (plus jimmy eat world's '23')
-and brokeup again with 'bedshapped'

this year, keane is back with some pretty solid songs on their new album: under the iron sea. what will 'a bad dream,' 'nothing in my way,' 'try again,' and 'hamburg song' have in store for me this year? i wonder... * crosses fingers *

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