post-holiday quickies

-my right wrist is aching like crazy again (from computer and gym). i guess this minus-ion bracelet is not working too well~ i might have to move up to phiten or q-ray. any suggestions?

-i spent 4 hrs and $440 on my 30k mile car servicing last saturday! special thanks to AT for making it bearable and fun. it's always great coffee-ing with you :)

-i'm flying to waterloo, ontario for work at the end of july. it'll be my first trip to cananda ever. i'm planning to visit toronto after waterloo and meetup with fellow fun blogger christine there. my plans include: cn tower, kensington market, harbourfront, eaton center, yorkville, and one good dinner (maybe at bistro 990). i might take a bus-tour to niagara falls too, if i can afford to stay an extra night. should i visit niagara falls (a popular honeymoon spot) alone?

-i am tired of dreaming about CY. how do you stop dreaming of an ex-flame?

-i'm planning to meet new travel partner, BN for sydney (and maybe melbourne) this fall. my new sydney list includes: harbour bridge-climb, hunter valley winery, blue mountains, taronga zoo, minus5 ice lounge, and the beaches. see you soon :)

-i ate about 30 glitterati's today at my desk. can't... stop... snacking...

-'neko golden-week' did not go off so well... maybe i should just shoot for a single up-all-nighter like my insomniac bar-hopping hero dave attell. one mega-hangover is easier to deal with than 7 back-to-back hangovers for the working man.

-hmmm... the quickies here are getting longer and longer... oh well... cheers~

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