bangkok 2007 - ayutthaya temples

we explored the ancient temple ruins of ayutthaya after visiting the elephants. ayutthaya was the second capital of old siam from 1350 to 1767. it's located about 50 miles north of bangkok. wandering around the magical structures hand-in-hand, we became lost in time. there's just so much to see here. we paid our respects at phra mongkol bophit, spent most of our time exploring wat phra sri san phet and did a quick stop at wat lokayasutharam among others. my camera's battery is running out, babe! phra phuttamonton, bang pa-in palace, ayutthaya elephants and temples all in one day! we stopped for dinner at a large german-themed beer garden on our way home. whew! thank you, everyone... it's been a long, amazing day.

for more pics check out: ayutthaya temples @ flickr

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