bangkok 2007 - ayutthaya elephants

the elephants are so cool they get their own post :)

we found the elephant attraction in ayutthaya after visiting phra phuttamonton (world's tallest standing buddha), bang pa-in palace and a great lunch at chatnam restaurant (jumbo river prawns!). we started out with a scenic elephant ride (20-minutes) around the ancient temple ruins (my 3rd ride, but NANE's first ever!). you feel like royalty high up on these massive creatures. the carriage rocked slowly from side-to-side with each giant step (like a rowboat in the waves). after the ride and some up-close photos, we sat down to enjoy the amazing elephant show and finished our visit here with 3 passes under the belly of the elephant~ just for good luck. it's going to be a great year, love!

for more pics check out: ayutthaya elephants @ flickr

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