3 NANE dreams

1. i dreamed that i was in a big hotel conference somewhere. it looked like the hilton hawaiian village. i was walking around with NANE and one more friend. we took a few group photos and a strange smiling ghostly figure was appearing in all my photos! i was kinda freaked out. he was everywhere. what should we do? WAKE.

2. i dreamed that sweet NANE was visiting me in hawaii. she left after her trip, but i found some of her sexy clothes left in the drawers of my condo... are you leaving me reminders, babe? WAKE.

3. i dreamed that i was makingout with NANE in her condo. after our roll-around-cuddle time, she took me out for a drive in her new car: a mini-cooper(?) and she dropped me off at my apartment. i went upstairs and opened the window to say goodbye, i love you... but she couldn't hear me or see me through the high blurry windows, so she cursed at me from below. hehe... WAKE.

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