the fall quickies

-2 month passes... we're in the fall of 2006. and here i am at a starbucks this thursday night trying to catch up on my posts. man, time flies! how is everyone? i missed you! where to start? where to start?

-i received a surprise email a couple of months ago from my secret high-school crush AC. she googled her name and found a link to my post! how embarassing! we hardly exchanged two words in our shy-old-days. thank you for your sweet mail... :)

-from AC's email, i was able to get in contact with my long lost high-school artist roommate AP. congrats on your marriage, man! he is doing his masters in print-making in beijing. amazing! just weeks before this, i dreamed that i saw the great wall of china in my dream... the neko is destined for beijing 2007! :P

-and yes. there's a new woman in my life (in addition to lily, lana, lulu and nane). her name is 'claudette' my new omega speedmaster date. she is sooo beautiful and heart-breakingly expensive. it started out as a crazy obsessive stressed-out shop-therapy session gone wrong, but it turned into love. and it was meant to be...

-two people asked me if i was putting on weight today! i'm still 161 lbs, dammit! my face must be getting more round with age or something... i'm turning into charlie brown. *good grief*

-our office had our first annual hallow-weenie eating contest this october 31st. the victor was eating-machine KM who ate 6 hotdogs (with bun) in 5 minutes. why? just because. i came in 3rd with 4.5 dogs, but was upset by my boss who ate 5 the next day and calls me a 'wuss.' thanks, brad. i ended the session with8 hotdogs total that tuesday. we had left over chili-dogs on thursday :P

-i'm having an 80's music revival here after watching VH1's 100 greatest songs of the 80's. i'm rocking to the flock of seagulls and petshop boys now. the 80's were a happy time... what's your favorite 80's songs?

-just got back from another weekend vegas trip with the boys. fcuk, trader joes, bath & bodyworks , no sleep, coffeebean, stage deli, heinekens, gaming, sexy dancers, triple 7's, in-n-out burgers, pierro's, quack-shot, and the ever memorable sushi-mon. thanks, guys...

-i spent the earthquake day here with KO sitting at a closed starbucks drinking canned ice-tea from home. i slept through most of the morning trembles. it was a mellow, no-electricity-sunday here, but i got bumped on all my flights out to dallas for the business trip the next day (rats).

-hmmm... i think that covers it for now. the fall is passing fast. gotta catch up on my blog readings. *hugs to nane* more exciting stuff soon. cheers!

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At 1:18 PM, Blogger oceanskies79 said...

Hi Dreaming Neko.

Do you usually read blogs and write blogs at Starbuck cafe?

I realised that it is so easy for one's blog to be found nowadays with search engine, yet the first requirement is that someone must take the initiative to do the search first. So I suppose your secret crush had wanted to know who has written about her?

At 1:25 PM, Blogger dreaming-neko said...

py: my life kinda revovles around coffeeshops... maybe i should name-drop in blogs more often :)


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