one last classic one from February 24, 2003 (the golden dream weekend). sorry for the delays...

am shooting arrows on a raft like oblject that is floating on the water. it was a wooden raft, i think. more like a floating platform. i was competing with someone- am not sure if it was a guy or a girl. but in any case, i was shooting arrows with a tennis racket bow. yup. a tennis racket. don't ask me why~ it's just a dream. so i was shooting these arrows really good at the target at the other end of the floating platform, but my competitor was having some problems. so i try out his/her racket and find that the string is too loose. i tell the oher: hey you, the string is too loose. i then jumped in the water to retrieve those missed arrows...

i am wading through a shallow wading pool (kinda like the big resort pool at the hilton waikaloa on the big island). i am making my way through the water collecting arrows with one hand and keeping my bow in the air to stay dry with the other hand. there were lots of people lounging around the pool just hanging out. as i was moving through the water, a huge grey tiger shark came floating into the wade pool. i distinctively remember telling myself: it's a huge tiger shark (looking at the little stripes on the side of it). everyone stood totally still as the shark made its way around the pool. we took a breath as the shark went out. i slowing wade my way to the edge of the pool being careful to keep my bow dry. almost out, the shark comes drifting back. this time, it's on a mission and seems to be sniffing at me. i can't see it, but from the expression and hints of the people around me, i quicken my pace to the edge of the pool. i never turned to look back at it, but i could feel it just behind me. as i reached the edge, in all its drama and glory, i jump out of the pool in the nick of time. i made it! relief... WAKE.

i kinda liked this dream. lots of action.

am pretty much caught up now. so i will try to post as often/current as possible. please drop me a line if you have any interesting thoughts or dreams that you would like to share. always great hearing from you all :)

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