had a quick dream the other night. had more details but lost it between my second and third alarm clock ringing...

am at a fastfood takeout place somewhere, am not sure the place. i think that allan was with me. it was like a big hot dog stand/takeout place or something. i ordered something that looked like corndogs and looked for a place to sit down and eat. allan seem to have wandered off somewhere and disappeared. so i put my plate down on this counter and moved to pick up condements and when i came back to the counter, i find that there are people at my spot. well actually the counter swings open like a door on a hinge. these strangers swung the swinging counter out, sat down at another counter inside the swinging counter, and now i can not sit down to enjoy my corndog because my counter is pushed back against the wall (kinda confusing ya?). so i am now standing in front of the takeout place eating my corndog, when the cook of the place leans over the counter and calls out to me: you ordered 2 corndogs ya? i know you libras like things in pairs... and laughs. i think i was agreeing with him in the dream... WAKE.

well, at least it wasn't rainbows!

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