had a couple of juicy dreams this past night. here goes:

i am driving into an old run-down apartment to check out a unit for rent. someone is with me, but i am not sure who. my family maybe? i step out of my car (a mercedes! c-class i think) into the grungy parking area and make my way to the lobby. the parking lot is completely covered under the building like holiday manor near daiei. in the parking lot i see a dog running around. it was super friendly and very intelligent. i remember thinking: what a friendly dog... we were greeted by the apartment guide and walked up an old spiral staircase to the upper-floors. the dog followed us up the stairs. at this point it was doing all sorts of fancy tricks to try to get our attention. the apartment was not really good, so we decided to leave. the dog was now walking behind us (on 2 legs maybe?) and talking as well? i don't remember what it was saying. but as we left, the dog was pretty sad...

stacy, allan and myself are high up on the top of a building under a tall tower/antenna in the middle of the city. we were there to watch a good looking guy (maybe alden?) do a special magic/escape trick there. we were really high up and right there at the edge. we could look down to see the ground a far way down (kinda like the top pf the stratesphere in vegas). for the escape trick, this guy was handcuffed to along chain that was attached to the top of the tower and he stood on 2 really tall skinny stilts that were made of some sort of jello like stuff. he was stuck there, suspended on that tower. the jello/flexible stilts wobbled and wiggled around with the wind. very unstable. i remember that they were blue in color. long blue stilts. though we did not see her, the escape artist's girlfriend was also trying to accomplish some sort of death-defying trick some where far away as well. it was like we had brochures or saw ads of her escape trick somewhere. just flashes of images. can he escape? will she be ok? i really didn't find out. all i know was that we were really high up and the winds were blowing fairly strong. excitement/tension was building, but... WAKE.

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