hope you all had a great weekend. it was quite a slow one for me. a few quick dreams here and there...

on friday night, i dreamed that i was hanging out somewhere with a bunch of friends when all of a sudden i was called out on a secret important mission. i was asked to fly a helicopter to pick-up someone behind enemy lines. i don't recall much of the details, but i believe that the mission was a success (not a mission impossible :)

we are now hanging out at stacy's party or something. the place looked much like the bar area at brewmoon. we were sitting on these very high bar stools, though. they were so high that i could look down and see the tops of peoples head from there... at the other end of the bar behind a few people, sitting also on a high bar stool, i see alicia (again) smiling at me. i know that it was you because of the big cheeks. i think you had longer hair then too. but being far away behind people, on high bar stools, we did not get a chance to talk. WAKE.

such is life...

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