a late dream from thrusday night here. took me a while to add this one down after some debate. but going against my better judgement, here it is:

am shopping with the gang in the west coast super malls. looking at things here and there. at one point, i was looking at shops with "mission impossible." we were getting pretty close physically. not intentionally of course. it's just shopping. while leaning over to look at a object, our faces were close to touching. kinda reminded me of rudy's saying "our lips are so close..." from some movie. as this happened, M.I. suddenly turned to peck me 3 times on the lips. 3 fast kisses that left me totally confused. they were quite soft and innocent. after the kiss, the girl tried to play it off like nothing happened... but we both knew better. what is this funny feeling in my chest? :)

now i'm in some old restaurant somewhere drinking/eating. i get hit with some pretty wicked runs and dash to the bathroom to relieve. i enter the utterly filthy disgusting restroom there and find 2 ladies in the stalls and freaked out! did i enter the wrong room? i checked the door, but found that it was a unisex toilet. the 2 girls left a mess. i will not go into details here, but i cleaned up the place a bit and did my duties... WAKE.

from innocent kisses to diiirrrttty restrooms stops... am going to need some therapy/analysis on this one...

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