the dancing gunshot dream

this is a twisted one.

i dreamed that i was working for some small boutique hotel/casino in waikiki somewhere. one evening for work, we had to do a whole dance routine in the main lobby which started out as some kind of musical skit. i walk into the lobby and the intro music started to play. the first lines were said and the dancing began. we danced and flailed around like fools. it was pretty embarassing, but it was work after all. the whole crew was getting into the swing thing moving from the lobby walkways to the frontdesk area. i remember grooving with my dance partner (an older female co-worker in uniform) when: BANG! a loud gunshot rang out. we were all startled. this was not a part of the routine. the crew ran to where the noise was near the elevators to a most surprising scene. a moustached gay man was sitting on the ground holding his lover's dead body crying. blood was flowing red from a wound in the man's stomach. i think they were both wearing white t-shirts. the gun was in the dead man's hand. the moustached guy cried out, "why did you have to kill yourself! why did you have to do this! why this jealousy! why!" (apparently this man had killed himself over a lover's spat in between our dance routine) What the HELL?!! WAKE.

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