gordon biersch night out

i was planning on a slow fun work-weekend here at the office, but i got a last minute call from LC. there's just some people that you can't say no to (my list is getting longer and longer), and she was one of them. so i got some of the boys together and met with her and CH down at aloha tower. the girls looked great and all glam-ed up ready to break some hearts. it was a slow night at gordon biersch even with the live band, but our conversations were definitely very juicy.

so what did we learn that saturday night? well, we learned that LC likes it atleast twice a week. we learned that KO has an issue with wanting to be seen as "perfect" in his lover's eyes. we learned that CH just got hired for a new job with the state after a nice 8 month vacation off and that she always looks for sexy eyes as a first matching point. we learned that no matter how nice or rich they are, it sucks to be any ugly guy (you gotta be at least "average" looking). and lastly, we learned that RO is REALLY REALLY passionate about truth and honesty in relationships. so don't mess with it or even joke about it cause he'll be REALLY REALLY upset... :)

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